DoorCheck are the largest fire door inspection company in the UK, and at the time that they approached Aqua Media, were carrying out all of their inspections using a PDA. This was not a bespoke system, and the equipment needed was not an everyday piece of equipment. This, combined with the fact that they they had to manually create the reports once they had carried out the inspection on a PDA, meant that their inspection times were hampered and they weren't able to run as efficiently as possible.

After explaining their need to be more efficient, we were able to plan an app that would run on both Apple iOS devices and Android devices, and would allow DoorCheck to fill out all of the required fields of an inspection, along with photos which could be taken on the device. This could all be done without an internet connection and saved to the device, and then synced with a secure server once an internet connection was available.

This would already save a lot of valuable time when it came to inspections, however where the app really shone was with its ability to generate PDF reports which could be printed or emailed to a client detailing the report findings, in a manner fully compliant with the industry standards.

The app is currently sold by DoorCheck, allowing other fire door inspection companies around the world to take advantage of this system, and we are now starting a marketing campaign for DoorCheck to promote the app worldwide!

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