We were approached by Swiss-based contemporary artist, Ilan Korda, who was looking to transform his online portfolio into a mobile friendly, modern gallery in which he could control the content displayed. This project called for a custom system to be built which would enable him to edit artwork displayed on his site, which was needed as his pieces are constantly being exhibited and sold worldwide. This system allows the user to view an up-to-date gallery, making his site an even more powerful platform in which he can showcase his work.

The aesthetics of the site were also important, as we were aiming for the pieces to be displayed in the most flattering way possible. We decided to take inspiration from Ilan's contemporary style by creating a clean and minimalistic gallery which works intuitively for the user. We like to think of the end user experience, which was why we translated the modern, simplistic style onto the mobile site, which mimics the desktop experience.

We are now planning an international digital marketing campaign, in we are which we are targeting fans of contemporary art. This campaign is consisting of both paid advertising and social media marketing.

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