Are you one of the millions of people wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds per month by running an unoptimised Google Adwords campaign? If you simply lower your bid price, you won’t appear on the top results. Follow the 5 tips below to optimise your Adwords campaign to stay competitive but pay less per click.

1) Relevancy

Keep only one keyword per ad group, and make sure your ads are very relevant to the ad group! Then you must have specific landing pages for each keyword, meaning the adverts and landing pages are fully consistent. Useful tip: Keep the topic of your landing page in a heading tag – this lets the search engine robots understand what your page is about and how it is relevant to the advert!

2) Quality Score

Once the above method has been implemented, your quality score will automatically increase. Talk about something for nothing! If your adverts are highly targeted, then your click through rate will increase, which will in turn increase your quality score. When your quality score is higher, your ad rank goes up and your cost per click becomes lower.

3) Click Through Rate

Always keep an eye on your click through rate – this is the percentage of people who click your Google advert and reach your landing page. If you have an advert that has a click through rate of 8%, produce another ad and try and achieve an even higher click through rate. There are always better call to actions and better words to use on an ad!

4) Lower Your Bid

Once you have completed the above three tips, you can then start to gradually lower your cost per click bid. Lower the bids in small decrements, and always keep an eye on your average advert position as you do so. Make sure you also keep an eye on your volume – it is no use decreasing your cost per click by 30% if your volume is going to drop by 50%. You should now be able to keep your ad rank high and your cost per click low for these keywords!

5) Negative Keywords

Don’t make the common mistake of neglecting your search query report. Take a look at this report and you’ll be able to see the keywords that your ads are showing for. Make sure your ads aren’t displaying for search terms you don’t want to be found for by adding negative keywords – this keeps your advert relevant, and stops you paying for keywords that you don’t want to be found for!

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