Alexander David, an estate agent based in the trendy East End of London, approached Aqua Media in need of an overhaul of their website. They wanted something fresh, that displayed their properties in the best way possible, and most importantly that was visually perfect. Besides the design, the new website had to integrate with their estate agency software in order to automatically list their properties, which are also listed on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Fully briefed on what Alexander David wanted to achieve, our designers got to work at coming up with a set of designs which would wow their clients - they were clean, modern, displayed the properties seamlessly, and most importantly worked across different devices, whether it was being viewed on a computer, an iPad or a mobile phone.

Once the design was agreed on, our developers hooked it up with Alexander David's property software, which was when it really took shape. After some testing, we handed it over to our client, who were thrilled with the end result.