SEO is an ongoing process, and we are often asked whether or not there are things that our clients can do to help their websites climb Google’s organic search results. The answer to that is yes, and below are 5 easy ways to help your website ranking increase naturally, without you needing to have any technical skills!

1) Make good use of keywords but avoid overstuffing

Make sure that you use your target keywords in your web page title and throughout your content. It’s important to Beware of overusing keywords though, as if you are caught “keyword stuffing”, you will be penalised and moved down the search engine rankings.

2) Create genuinely good content

Make sure you create content that your readers will enjoy! Yes, you need to make use of your keywords so that search engines will rank your website highly, however if you use only keywords, your content won’t be readable to your customers, and they’re the people that matter!

3) Keyword placement is important

Ideally you want to use your main keywords early on in your content – in the first sentence would be ideal. As well as the main content, don’t forget to include your keywords in your page title and headings throughout your page.

4) Never (ever) duplicate content

You want to fill your website with relevant, useful content that your readers will enjoy reading, however make sure that you never simply copy content from another source. Your content has to be completely original, and if you are caught copying content, you will be penalised.

5) Your location matters!

If you are looking to attract local clients, it is important to mention all of the various areas in which your business operates. This helps you to have improved search engine rankings within the locations that are important to you.

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